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It's amazing the stuff you can find if you're willing to put in a few minutes on MySpace and Pollstar Retin A Generic, . Thus far, I've discovered Nobunny dates for SXSW, along with the date and location for the Goner Records showcase, which I shared over at SCHED*SXSW, Retin A Generic usa.

Thanks to Pollstar, I've discovered what looks to be a record store just as amazing and cool as a End of An Ear in Breakaway Records, which looks to be having a showcase to blow your mind on March 19 with the Cute Lepers, 750mg Retin A Generic, the Girls, and more.

Basically, if you sit down with a list of Austin clubs, you can jump around a nd get a pretty good idea of what place is having what shows, Retin A Generic overseas. I tend to bounce around between Room 710, Red 7, and of course all the no admission / no badge greatness that takes place at the fantastic, 200mg Retin A Generic, friendly Beerland. I recommend Beerland as the place to go if you've got time between showcases. If there's an hour between two shows, and there's nothing you can think of seeing, go to Beerland - they have SOMETHING interesing and worthwhile, 40mg Retin A Generic.

the Cute Lepers - "Terminal Boredom" (from Can't Stand Modern Music)
the Girls - "Transfer Station" (from Yes No Yes No Yes No)

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