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Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, Thank God the Hampton has free continental breakfast. Not for the food - for the coffee. I quite possibly would die during SXSW were it not for easy access to caffeine. There's a place on 6th Street that hand-rolls cigars and sells espresso, and is quite possibly the greatest smelling store in the entire universe. Coffee's good and cheap, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate coupon, too.

Last night, we went to Ms, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate. Bea's and saw a bunch of bands I've never heard of, although every single one of them was great. Ms. Bea's is an odd joint - punk rock out back of a bar not much bigger than my living room. It's essentially a shack that sells Bud, Bud Light, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate uk, Lone Star, High Life, and Tecate. Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, And soda. Ran by a Hispanic family... it's certainly a fun little dichotomy. 150mg Zithromax Do Not Refregerate, Great place to see a show, tho'. And White Denim was, by turns, amazing, baffling, noisy, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate australia, and awesome. Dissonant, funky, and just the sort of thing you want to hear after spending 13 hours in a car, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate.

I'm a-gonna watch me some teevee and chill until we finish with breakfast and head downtown. Today looks good: Psychedelic Horseshit, Thomas Function, King Khan, Zithromax Do Not Refregerate ebay, Roxy Epoxy, Luchagors (I am going to try and get an Amy "Lita" Dumas KJHK station ID), and God knows what else over the course of the day.

Yay. As always, follow the Twitter feed to see where I am.

White Denim's Daytrotter session..

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