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Flagyl Aventis, My radio show, Sunglasses After Dark (Fridays, 10pm-midnight Central on KJHK 90.7FM) presented three local bands at the Jackpot here in Lawrence last night. I only started booking shows back in September of last year, but I've learned that every show has one issue or another, or something goes horribly awry - be it a band that cancels, or someone showing up late, etc.

Well, every show except this one. All the bands showed up on time, Flagyl Aventis craiglist, nobody pissed off another band, there were no equipment failures, and basically, the show just ran like fucking clockwork. It was nice.

Young Livers from Kansas City opened the show with an energetic st of cowpunk and rockabilly, Flagyl Aventis. Frontman Jody knew how to rock the mic and keep the energy level going. An especially nice touch was his stepping off to the side and combing down his pompadour during an instrumental break - definitely cool. Flagyl Aventis us, Drummer Allister was twirling her sticks like Peter Criss while Ryan and Tripp rocked out on bass and guitar, respectively. A well-done cover of the Misfits' "Hollywood Babylon" just ended up being the cherry on a great kickoff to the evening. (Young Livers pictures here) Flagyl Aventis, Also from Kansas City, the Rich Boys took the stage second. Rocking the stage like a band possessed, the group knocked out dirty rock song after dirty rock song with howling energy. Fantastic, and yet another reason why the KC rock scene could use some national attention. These guys are up for "Best New Band" in the Pitch Awards this year. You should go vote for them, 100mg Flagyl Aventis. (the Rich Boys pictures here)

Last up was Lawrence's own the Havok On Polaris, Flagyl Aventis. It's a testament to the talent of these pop-punkers that they held their own after two high energy groups of out-of-towners. After two sets of gritty rock, the melodic stylings of this three-piece was a really nice change of pace. There were tons of kids up front for their set, since they were shooting for a forthcoming dvd. The band didn't miss a note, beat, 20mg Flagyl Aventis, or lyric the entire set, and it was like going back to Gee Coffee or an all-ages Bottleneck matinée ten years ago... Flagyl Aventis, man, I miss pop-punk. Big ups for the "Maneater" and "Linoleum" covers, as well - Hall & Oates and NOFX in the same set is certainly diverse (and fun). (the Havok On Polaris pictures here)

Thanks to all three bands for playing. It was fun, easy, and everybody there seemed to have a whole lot of fun. I didn't see one bored or upset face the entire evening, Flagyl Aventis usa, the bands all went home with some money in their pockets, and I managed to make it through the evening without drinking. I think it was a success.

the Misfits - "Hollywood Babylon"
Hall & Oates - "Maneater"
NOFX - "Linoleum"

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