Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline

Sympathy Rations EP
(Sorry State)

The first song and title track on Stripmines' Sympathy Rations EP Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline, fuses hardcore and thrash into a powerful piece of work. Until the 7-inch's last track, "EmptyThreat," it's pretty much unmatched, Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline usa. The middle of the EP is nice and strong, but nothing really makes them stand out. 250mg Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline, The middle three tracks are fairly basic and otherwise unremarkable hardcore. It's the speed and intensity of "Sympathy Rations" that causes it to stand out, while "EmptyThreat" is a wallop to the back of your head. It's all rumble and chug, Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline us, until it ramps up the tempo, working your ears like a speed bag. Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline uk, Still, these two tracks certainly live up to the Totalitär comparisons made by the label. While not quite as overtly violent in their delivery, Stripmines certainly take a lot of their focused anger from that bunch of Swedes, 750mg Fin Rot Antibiotic Tetracycline.

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