Stalins of Sound, “Tank Tracks” LP

cover - stalins of soundMore dirge-like than the Spits, less poppy than Devo, and more abrasive than Digital Leather is Stalins of Sound. Their Tank Tracks LP — out next week on Slovenly — took a few listens to really grab me. However, despite the slow build up to acceptance, some tracks immediately interested upon first listen.

“Monkeys Attack” is insistently metronomic in its rhythm, and the guitar just buzzsaws along. I featured it on the podcast a few weeks back, and the more I listen to it, the more I get what Stalins of Sound are trying to do. Granted, it’s pretty indicative of what Tank Tracks sounds like. The earlier tracks follow that pattern, and if you’re only half-listening, it’s difficult to tell some songs from others.

“El Cajon Beatdown” and “Abominations of Fire” work way outside the repetitive beats, and album closer “Rules For Your Mouth” is this strange thing that sounds like someone took The Legend of Zelda‘s dungeon music and mixed it with industrial punk rock.

While not a huge fan of things that are firmly in the chiptune vein, when bands mine video game soundtracks for inspiration and effect, it lends an element of levity and places tongue slightly in cheek, lessening the otherwise oppressive elements of the songs. Stalins of Sound’s guitar is just relentless, and these occasional electronic elements shine brightly through the darkness.

Stalins of Sound’s Tank Tracks is out next week on CD and LP from Slovenly and you can pre-order it now.