Springtime, “South Hill” 7-inch

cover - springtimeIs it lazy to describe Springtime‘s South Hill 7-inch as post-Cro Mags hardcore, fronted by Henry Rollins? Something about Springtime makes me want to start shorthanding every reference.

The group’s quite good — don’t get me wrong. This is actually one of the heavier releases Tiny Engines has put out. It’s just that the whole thing is very ’90s: specifically, early-to-mid, pre-pop punk / emo explosion. The vocals are still getting spit, but melodicism tempers the anger.

“Wait” balances every aspect of what Springtime brings. The melody, energy, and anger are balanced so perfectly, I was listening on tenterhooks, afraid the whole thing would teeter or go off the rails. Gladly, it doesn’t, and it’s absolutely riveting.

This is exactly what a 7-inch should be: all songs essential, making a showcase for the band which leaves you wanting more. You can snag it on vinyl from the Tiny Engines store. It’s available as a pressing of 100 on white with blue & orange starburst, 120 on white, 130 on gray, or 150 on robin egg blue, or you can get a package with all four.