Spin the wheel, get a song

L.A.-based bandThe Strays have an album coming out on TVT September 26, entitled Le Futur Noir. I’d discovered these guys via their MySpace page a few months back, and was waiting for some sort of event before I shared ’em with you. The new album is that reason.

The Strays have this punk / rock vibe that’s at once very L.A. and yet very UK at the same time. They sound like what would would happen if the Zutons or Hard-Fi played louder and harder.

For this album that’s coming out, the Strays have recorded 4 different covers that will be used as hidden tracks. You won’t know until you buy the album which cover you’ve gotten. Sort of like what Blink-182 did with Take Off Your Pants & Jacket.

The covers are “Black Girl, White Girl” by Lords Of the New Church, “Bastards Of Young” by the Replacements, “War in Babylon” by Max Romeo, and “Birth, School, Work, Death” by the Godfathers. I’d never heard of the Godfathers until this point, and now I’m trying to track down a full album, ’cause the cover sounds so fucking good.

Anyhow, you can check out the Replacements cpver below. It’s an even snottier, revved-up version of the ‘Mats classic, which you can also download.

the Strays – “Bastards of Young
the Replacements – “Bastards of Young

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