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cover-i-owe-you-nothing Polish Translation Of Erythromycin, S.O.S.
I Owe You Nothing
(Good Fight Music)

S.O.S. play breakdown-heavy hardcore, with an abundance of riffs. When you've got a crew featuring members of Terror, Madball, and Hatebreed, 750mg Polish Translation Of Erythromycin, that's pretty much to be expected. These songs take a little bit more from the classic East Coast hardcore playbook than the members' regular acts. The tracks get in, blast your eardrums, 200mg Polish Translation Of Erythromycin, and take off. Most of the songs barely clock in at a minute and a half, which makes the de riguer stabbed-in-the-back song of betrayal, "Never A Brother," almost an epic at over three, Polish Translation Of Erythromycin. Hell, at that length, it's a full 25% of the EP.

It's not as heavy as some the pummeling hardcore purveyed by labels like Prank or Sorry State, but it's not like hardcore's ever going to beradio-friendly, Polish Translation Of Erythromycin overseas. So, the brutality of any given release is pretty much a vague corrolary between albums. Still, S.O.S. manage to take I Owe You Nothing Polish Translation Of Erythromycin, 's songs to a level of speed and energy that most bands don't attempt very often these days. 500mg Polish Translation Of Erythromycin, While it might be a bit of a throwback, it's nice to see a band favor intensity in terms of excitement, rather than attempting to beat your face in with the low end.

Pick up the album on vinyl from Reaper Records. You've three options: black/gold (which is limited to 450 copies), clear (which is out of 1000 copies), Polish Translation Of Erythromycin usa, and straight-up black (which is the most limited at 200). Good Fight has some options in their store for t-shirt bundles, as well.

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