Sonny Vincent, “Totally Fucked” 7-inch

cover - sonny vincent totally fuckedSonny Vincent, late of the Testors, belies the idea that just because you've passed 60, you have to start making blues or Americana albums. No sirree, Bob -- Mr. Vincent has not strapped on an acoustic guitar, nor is he revisiting the Great American Songbook. He is, in point of fact, playing balls-to-the-wall rock 'n' roll. That is "rock 'n' roll." Not "rock and roll," not "rock," not "garage" -- "rock 'n' roll." Snarling, angry, unrelenting rock 'n roll. After last year's recording as Sonny Vincent and the Bad Reactions, this recording on Oops Baby is a welcome change. On that 7-inch, Vincent was sharing vocal duties with someone else who threatened to overtake his vocals, whereas on this spinning piece of black plastic, he's complimented nicely. Of course, "Totally Fucked" is all Vincent, and features the remarkably succinct couplet "Totally fucked/ And high on cocaine," and the final 20-30 seconds is just "totally fucked" repeated over and over again, each time more insistent. It's the perfect follow-up to Oops Baby's last release from Livids -- it's the same crazed, streamlined blast of energy that like's mainlining espresso. Each track races along, faster and faster. The second track on the b-side, and final song on the single, is "Robot Radio," and it has a stop-start rhythm that will have you pumping your fist. It's astonishing to think that so many of his peers are revisiting the past, mining the hits, and Sonny Vincent's making singles that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of the young turks on the scene today. "Totally Fucked" is available from the Oops Baby store for $6 on black, with a pressing of 400 or $8 for color, limited to 100.