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mi6 How Amoxicillin Works, Earlier this week, the Onion's AV Club put up "Praise, then crucify: 25 anti-music-journalist songs." This is so relevant to this blog, it hurts. When you consider our focus is writing about books and magazines that are written about music, we're already fairly meta.

Now, add in the fact that we're linking a feature wherein they talk about songs written about people who write about music, How Amoxicillin Works australia, and it gets a little crazier. However, we're not just going to link to it. We'll contribute to the list, with a local focus. Back in 2000, Lawrence's mi6 released a song on their debut, Alcoholiday, entitled "Jeff Brown." The song was in response to a review of the band written by the Pitch's Jeff Brown, How Amoxicillin Works. The Pitch's Andrew Miller summed the story up in a 2001 feature on the band:

Young aspiring musicians who listen to mi6 would be especially wise to take careful note of its lyrical lessons, How Amoxicillin Works mexico. mi6 turned a negative review from Pitch writer Jeff Brown, who claimed its chords were Screeching Weasel rip-offs and its choruses were numbingly repetitive, into a stellar reactionary song. In "Jeff Brown, How Amoxicillin Works usa, " Peterson demands an apology as the group shouts What'a you know? in unison; but unlike hip-hop response tunes, many of which either threaten violence or deliver harsh personal attacks, mi6's direct address to a critic sounds reasonable -- even somewhat vulnerable. I never did anything to you, Peterson starts, pleading innocence, How Amoxicillin Works us. He later asserts I don't think that it was very fair of you, cueing a memorably melodic guitar line.

The band re-recorded "Jeff Brown" for their Kung Fu Records release, Lunchbox. They also performed a live version on KJHK's Plow the Fields in 2000. 500mg How Amoxicillin Works, You can listen to that below.

mi6, "Jeff Brown" (live 5/12/00 on KJHK's Plow the Fields).

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