Retin A Purpose

cover-smart-copsSmart Cops
Per Proteggere E Servire
(Sorry State)
Retin A Purpose, Since this showed up in the mail last week, I've listened to it five or six times. Smart Cops play enjoyably speedy Italian garage rock, with a snotty edge to it.

Unfortunately, Retin A Purpose coupon, all I keep thinking is, "It's the Hives singing in Italian," and I can't get past that. The elements of surf and more deeply thrumming guitars take away from the comparison to their Scandanavian counterparts a little bit. Unfortunately, 20mg Retin A Purpose, the mile-a-minute instrumentation and vocal style that's more declamatory statement than actual singing is so up front that it's impossible to shake the similarities. Well - perhaps "unfortunately" is a tad strong, Retin A Purpose. I love the Hives, and as long as their style is being aped well, 1000mg Retin A Purpose, it's enjoyable.

Nice vinyl on this release. It's heavy-duty 180-gram, with the usual Sorry State labels. Sadly, 10mg Retin A Purpose, unlike the majority of their releases, this one's licensed from somewhere else, meaning there's no download for the LP. Retin A Purpose india, Bummer. I'm sure that if you buy it, you can track it down on Mediafire without too much trouble.

MP3: Smart Cops, "Vesciche In Guerra".

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