Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues

cover-summertime Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, Holy hell. DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie dropped their Summertime mixtape earlier this week, and I've listened to it every day since I downloaded it. It's both on my iPod and burned off to CD for easy playing in the boombox, 100mg Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, stereo, and car. This is officially a billion times better than any of the comps I've made myself and thrown in the car over the past few weeks.

Seriously - while segueing from James Brown's "The Payback" into "Never Gonna Get It" by En Vogue is obvious as all get out, it still sounds fucking awesome, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues canada. There's also Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day," the Pharcyde's "Passin' Me By," 2PAC, and Seals & Croft, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues. It's an hour of chilled-out, sippin' on vodka and lemonade, stone-solid fucking jams. 10mg Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues, Go over to UNDRCRWN and download that sucker.

cover-solid-meltsLawrence label Solid Melts put up their summer comp this week, too. It's also a giant, featuring quite a few bands that you ought to know (Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues ebay, Expo 70), and a ton of acts that are totally unknown. It's called Empire of Fun, Tetracycline Causes Dark Tissues india, and you can get it direct from Solid Melts.

If you're a little leery of downloading a 125 meg file, the Rathaus is streaming six of their favorite tracks, and you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect. That Cloud Nothing track is very much worth your time.

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