“Shouting Shorelines” a love letter from Long Island

zine-cover-shouting-shorelines-iiThe more ‘zines that come into the Nuthouse, the happier I am. I especially get all excited about publications like Shouting Shorelines, which offer a glimpse into a specific area – in this case, Long Island. The collective behind Shouting Shorelines has already put out one issue of the ‘zine, which has sold right the fuck out, although you can read it online.

The second issue is nearly double the length of the debut, and features art (which suffers a bit from the photocopy process), as well as show reviews, a guide to awesome places in Long Island, interviews, and a really great food section, which has a selection of what look to be some seriously nom-worthy vegan recipes, as well as a guide to urban foraging.

Shouting Shorelines is that sort of ‘zine that’s all over the place, but it’s organized so well that you can’t help but be entranced by the writing and style of everyone involved. The show reviews are less criticism and more personal reflection, letting the reader feel like they were there. This is an ode to home, and as you read through Shouting Shorelines, it’s less like a magazine, and more like a letter, inviting you to come visit and hang out. The screened covers on reclaimed grocery shacks are pretty cool (mine evidently had a former life carrying stuff home from Trader Joe’s), and the stitching on the spine makes for a ‘zine that you’ll want to pass around to folks, sharing with everyone you know.

If this sounds strikingly like my review of We Live In A Van, it should come as no surprise that Chris Arena (author of that ‘zine) is part of the collective that produces Shouting Shorelines. If you want a copy of your own, send an e-mail over to shoutingshorelinesli@gmail.com, or send $5 to their PayPal and they’ll mail you one.