Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin

Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin, Okay, technically All About Friends and the impending sequel, All About Friends Forever, will see issue and reissue as a double LP with hand-screened covers in May if a Kickstarter for the comps is funded. Said Kickstarter is located right here, and works exactly the way we like our crowd-sourced fundraising to: plenty of ways to get extras, but if you just want to treat this a pre-order for the 2xLP, Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin japan, you pay $30 and get it, plus booklet and digital download - postage paid and everything. Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin craiglist, Pledge another $15, and get a t-shirt.

You get classic, otherwise unavailable tracks from Coalesce, 20mg Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin, Botch, and Indecision, Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin us, as well as some really badass photos on the original comp, then the new collection introduces you to a slew of bands with whom I'm completely unfamiliar. The reissue's limited to a pressing of 1000, with 333 on colored vinyl (you get that for $65, 30mg Vaginal Infections And Amoxicillin, plus a t-shirt and a poster). For more details about the whole project, check out an interview with compilation organizer Carrie Whitney at the comp's Tumblr page.

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