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Saosin - "Saosin" (Capitol Records) Colchicine Interactions, Fucking post-hardcore / emocore / whatever. Seriously, this shit needs to stop. It makes Krishnacore or rap metal look like a pleasant diversion. 250mg Colchicine Interactions, Saosin is another one of those bands that's fine until the fucking vocals kick in.

I love the music that bands like Saosin and their ilk play. I just don't like the singing, Colchicine Interactions. It's either too screamy or too weak or too fucking boring. Either rock or be whiny. Please don't be whiny rockers, Colchicine Interactions mexico. The world has enough sensitive songwriters without loud and obnoxious music being hijacked by skinny guys who need to sing about their feelings. Colchicine Interactions, Saosin, like every other MCR / AFI / TBS band out there would be amazing if they could take a book from someone like Atmosphere and make introspective lyrics about the way one feels sound hard. Fucking rappers spit rhymes about losing their friends or feeling scared, but manage to hold onto their tough images. 200mg Colchicine Interactions, If Saosin could match their vocals to their music, they have the ability to rise above the crop of shitty same-sounding bands. Until then, they're smack-dab in the middle.

Watch the video for "Bury Your Head."

On a related note, Colchicine Interactions overseas, here are pictures of the disc Capitol sent me. Seriously paranoid shit, Colchicine Interactions. First, it came via FedEx, Colchicine Interactions coupon, rather than the mail. Second, it's sealed in the plastic sleeve with a sticker. Both the cd and the track listing have my name printed on them, and there's some vague mumbo-jumbo about not ripping mp3s because of tracking algorithims. I can't even begin to make this shit up...


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