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book-cover-pop-cultAuthor and academic Rupert Till attempts to use his study Pop Cult Flagyl Alcohol Housewives, as a way of looking at various facets of the musical experience in terms of religion. The book's subtitle, "Religion and Popular Music" is slightly misleading, in that the book looks not at religion in popular music, or popular music's relation to religion, but popular music as religion. Till succeeds at times, 1000mg Flagyl Alcohol Housewives, but fails at others.

In analyzing Pop Cult, the book seems very academic, and the chapters are more like transcribed lectures than chapters in a greater work. Rupert Till has collected a lot of information here, Flagyl Alcohol Housewives india, but the presentation and interpretation leaves a lot to be desired. Had there been "so-and-so covers this in greater detail in another book" one more time, Pop Cult would have strained its credibility further, Flagyl Alcohol Housewives. Why Till didn't utilize the work done by other more often, rather than having the reader run to another piece of writing is a continual frustration.

Pop Cult is most successful in its chapter, "God Is A DJ," which examines the role electronic dance music culture (EDMC) plays in terms of religion. Till makes wonderful points in that the music is much like that of tribal religions, Flagyl Alcohol Housewives uk, relating the DJ booth as pulpit, and drawing many other connections between facets of world religions and their practices and how they relate to the dance floor. You can tell that this is a topic Till has a lot of affinity towards, and is a subject with which is deeply familiar. Flagyl Alcohol Housewives, Sadly, the rest of the book is not so fully formed as its penultimate chapter. The attempts made by the author to take various focal points of music (sex, Flagyl Alcohol Housewives coupon, drugs, death) and turn them into various cults emerge as less than fully formed objects. Each chapter is a series of statements (rock musicians engage in risky practices, they die, people venerate the dead) that are then summed up at the end, rather than worked upon and expanded on as the chapter progresses. While an interesting idea, 150mg Flagyl Alcohol Housewives, Till fails to definitively convince that (aside from EDMC) music can be a religion.

There's a handy reader that will let you read the book's introduction from publisher Continuum Books.

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