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Dogs Prozac, Last night, I watched VH1's Rock Honors show. For the part, it was all right. Jamie Pressley looked great, and had the right sort of My Name Is Earl kind of enthusiasm going to make a great host. This is to say nothing of the fact that at one point, she was wearing Angus Young's short-pants outfit... which was weird and hot all at once, Dogs Prozac paypal.

The performances were all right, Dogs Prozac. Foo Fighters doing "Tie Your Mother Down" with Brian May and Rodger Taylor would have been cooler had I not seen it done when Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The less said about Paul Rodgers with Queen, the better. Every goddamn song was just as fantastic instrumentally as they'd always been, but vocally... everything sounded like Bad Company. And I every-so-briefly caught a glimpse of a teleprompter onstage during Judas Priest Dogs Prozac, 's performance. Dogs Prozac india, In both cases, it just seemed sad.

Now, the big deal was supposed to be the supergroup tribute to KISS. You had "God Of Thunder" done by a band that consisted of Tommy Lee on drums, Gilby Clarke and Slash on guitars, Scott Ian on bass, and Rob Zombie on vocals, 500mg Dogs Prozac. How could you top that.

Easy, Dogs Prozac. Def Leppard doing T.Rex's "20th Century Boy" with Brian May guesting on guitar. Y'know that riff... the riff that goes straight to your groin. The one that, if you see a girl dancing to it, 1000mg Dogs Prozac, you feel the need to take a cold shower and possibly stuff ice down the front of your pants. Dogs Prozac, It's amazing, but NOTHING can top the way Brian May made it sound. Dear God...

Maybe it was because I'd been watching Heavy: the Story of Metal last weekend, and felt inspired by Chris Holmes' herculean intake of vodka in The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years and felt the need to drink as much as possible. In any case, I was hammered, and thought it was the greatest performance I'd ever seen. You'll have to check it out in pixelated video and tinny audio over at the Rock Honors site, 50mg Dogs Prozac, but you may get an idea.

"God of Thunder"

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