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Tetracycline Malarone, So, KU beat North Carolina last night 84-66 in a knuckle-biter.

Downtown is slightly less than a mile away from our house, and you could hear the roar of the crowd down there from our front porch immediately after the win. We threw on jackets and sweatshirts and hauled ass to see the celebration (as well as be a part of it). As the wife and our friends Craig and Sarah and I made our way downtown, you could see the line of cars stretching from Mass. all the way back up 6th, Tetracycline Malarone craiglist, almost all the way to Iowa.

We got downtown, and it was insane, Tetracycline Malarone. Craig and I's hands nearly went numb from all the high-fives we were trading with people. We just walked around, marveling at the amount of people. About the time we hit 8th and Mass., and you could see all the way down the street, it was crazy... it was just something that words can't even describe, Tetracycline Malarone uk. Tetracycline Malarone, The mass of humanity that had converged on downtown Lawrence was just huge and moving, and a group of drunken happiness.

Chuck Newman was there, too. He had the best spot - standing in the back of the 92.9 the X truck.

By the time we hit the Jackpot, and there were four or five people yelling at me and wondering if I was coming to the Black Gasoline show, it was time fro us to leave. Tetracycline Malarone us, The amount of people had reached a slightly scary level, and folks weren't exactly being polite in the circumstances. The girls in front of me seemed to think that I was pushing them on purpose, Tetracycline Malarone. Yeah, never mind the several hundred people behind me - you're just so hot that I can't refrain from touching your bared shoulders.

Fun times, but the ladies were short, and people didn't seem to notice them. Being as how nobody wanted crushed womenfolk (least of all the womenfolk themselves), Tetracycline Malarone mexico, we headed back to the house. It was fun, but since none of us drink, there really wasn't any point in hanging out for the next several hours. We made plans for a meet-up at the house tomorrow night, and went to bed. Tetracycline Malarone paypal, For further info, the local paper has some stories and photos that do a pretty good job of telling the rest of the story. Monday's going to be a fucking blast.

"the Rock Chalk Chant"
the Aquabats - "(Look At Me) I'm A Winner"

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