Restorations, “Restorations” LP

(Tiny Engines)

Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of Restorations‘ debut EP for Paper + Plastick, referring to it as plodding and “dull.” Their self-titled full-length – thankfully – is an improvement. It’s still a strange amalgam of post-punk and Americana, but Restorations have managed to pull the similar elements from both genres together more tightly together. The rambling rhythmic structure of Americana’s country roots meld perfectly with the high arpeggios of post-punk, which have a high, lonesome sound all their own. And, of course, those vocals, gruff and raspy, could easily fit into either genre.

The effect is that while Restorations moves slowly, it’s actually building towards something. The first moments of album opener “Nonlocality” have a certain element of doom about them, but the song (along with others, like “Neighborhood Song” and the finale, “When You’re Older”) has a sense of release that was sorely lacking before. There are subtleties that reward repeated listens.

It’s fitting that the album art features what appears to be suns. This is the sort of album that improves with heat. Everything slows down, inviting the deep contemplation of swirling guitars, with time to listen to what’s being said. Restorations will never be a band to inspire fervent rocking out. This is the sort of album you need to sit down, and pay attention to, in order to properly take it in.

You can grab the album from Bandcamp via the little widget below, but I really recommend the LP. It’s a gorgeous gatefold LP on heavy-duty 180-gram black vinyl, and just looks and sounds like a million bucks.