Restorations, “A/B” 7-inch

cover-restorations-abTo be frank, the majority of the releases on Tiny Engines don’t make much of an impression on me. They’re pleasant enough bits of post rock indie / emo, with all of the bands strongly influenced by latter-day Dischord acts and the loud-quiet-loud aesthetic of the many Deep Elm acts who preceded them.

Specifically, I’ve never quite understood the acclaim many fans give to Restorations. They’re nice enough, but the songs they make tend to bore after a bit. An entire LP of their material might’ve been the biggest struggle I’ve ever had listening to an album for review.

It’s with this in mind that I dropped the needle on the new Restorations single, A/B. It’s a clever enough idea to name one song “A” and the other “B,” but it also smacks of laziness: “What should we call these? Eh, screw it — let’s just name ’em after the sides of the single.”

“A” is the usual from Restorations, albeit rather short. It being the basic Tiny Engines sonic formula, I flipped the record and started up “B,” prepared to ignore it as I lost interest after the first 60 seconds. Such was not the case.

“B” works like a five-act play. You’ve got some ebb and flow in the introduction and rising action, building towards a crescendo and climax. However, rather than do as so many other acts would, and just leaving the song once they’ve hit the big jam, Restorarations allows the song to sort of chill out and go to the dénouement, telling a story with few words. It’s very much in the vein of Appleseed Cast, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky — basically name a band that works in epic rock soundscapes, and “B” evokes all of them at some point within the song.

The first pressing is limited to 500 singles, with 75 on red, 90 on yellow (75 exclusively available as part of the package deal), 125 on green, and 210 on blue. The blue’s gorgeous, and as with all of Tiny Engines’ releases, it’s thick, heavy-duty vinyl and comes with a download card. Buy it direct from the Tiny Engines store.