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Calcium And Synthroid, There are quite a few new and upcoming vinyl releases that I've had pass through my inbox lately. I figured I'd highlight a couple of them, so that you might be made aware of their existence. Sound good to you. Great. Let's get started, Calcium And Synthroid canada.
First up is the new Sister Series set of 7-inches from Razorcake, Calcium And Synthroid. On this go-around, we've got Young Offenders duking it out with the Hex Dispensers. I love love love the Hex Dispensers, and think most forward-thinking, Calcium And Synthroid paypal, intelligent people out there would do well to own their entire discography. I'm unfamiliar with Young Offenders, but I hear good things. It's out now, and you can purchase the double 7-inche release on clear or black vinyl.

cover-the-clapComing next month on Double Phantom Records is the "Lucy 2‚Äč" b/w "The Operation" 7-inch from Atlanta band the Clap Calcium And Synthroid, . It's a dirty bit of garage, 250mg Calcium And Synthroid, punk, psych and what-have-you. Not as nasty as I'd like it to be, but it's certainly got that slow, 500mg Calcium And Synthroid, swampy vibe many bands from the South seem to acquire. Is it just that it's so fucking hot and muggy down there. I haven't been down in that part of the country in years, but I don't remember that area as being conducive to high-energy anything for half the year. It's no wonder that so many rock acts from down that way sound like they've been smoking dope and hiding in the basement. The single's due out September 6, 10mg Calcium And Synthroid.


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