Razorcake Records releases debut Blood Buddies 7-inch

cover-blood-buddiesStomping drums and handclaps seem to be the rhythmic style of the summer. Good. It’s fucking miserable out there, and anything fast is just going to wear me the fuck out. I’ve been needing more stuff like the Mynabirds’ “Generals, and this debut 7-inch from Blood Buddies on Razorcake Records fits the bill to a T.

It’s a little snotty, a little grungy, and the line “your brain’s leaking out” in “Midas Medical Group” is as catchy a refrain as you’ll hear all year. As the label describes it, “They’ll pull you out of the Bronze Age and show you how to forge steel.” Go buy it from the Razorcake store. Snag that Hex Dispensers 7-inch while you’re at it.