Random rocking

You would do yourself well to check out the following bands:

* the Rolling Blackouts – Think what would happen if the Hives listened to a lot more Motorhead. Black Is Beautiful was a clearance bin find the other day, and it’s been locked in the car stereo ever since. Seriously loud, fun, rock ‘n’ roll.
Download “Hung Up On the Hang Ups

* the PeacocksIn Without Knocking kicks most of the current crop of rockabilly revivalists right in the fucking junk. These guys don’t fuck around with the whole demon / evil / glam trappings of bands like Nekromantix. It’s slimmed down, rockabilly rock ‘n’ roll, with some punk speed and sneer. Then again, rockabilly’s always had a bit of a sneer. It was punk when “punk” still meant “prison bitch.” Anyhow, the Peacocks prove once again that bands from the Scandanavian area do our music better than we do.
Download “Warning

* Left Alone – Sure, they sound an awful lot like Rancid, but all the good parts. They certainly like their Farfisa, and have an undeniable Elvis Costello influence, and that’s fucking great. It’s punk rock that makes me want to sing, dance, and pretend I’m at the coolest party ever. Dead American Radio is their newest release, and I’m an awful person not having purchased it yet. That will be remedied come payday… you all should do the same.
Download “Done Wrong