Pushin’ It 2 The Limit, “self-titled” cassette

pi2tl header When I reviewed Ex Friends' Rules For Making Up Words last year, I mentioned that I really liked Audrey Crash's vocals, but was "kind of turned off by Joel Tannenbaum‘s delivery>' Well, here's the perfect solution: Crash is fronting a band called Pushin' It 2 The Limit. Their new, self-titled cassette is pretty boss. Short, punchy tunes that rush along, kind of like a punker Lemuria. The songs have pop hooks and catchy lyrics -- "Breaking through Everything with Your Facehammer" is an excellent example of how PI2TL works: lyrics about pushing through, being creatively fulfilled, sang with wobbly harmonies by Crash and guitarist Leta Gray. Everything's a little shaggy around the edges -- the band's a bit off-time on some cuts, like "Vertical Horizon," where it's a bit like the group recorded, and cared more for the relaxed feel than getting it precisely right. And, really -- I'm fine with that. This isn't a perfect album, but it's warm and fun, and definitely not limited by some idea of what's supposed to happen on an album. Hell, the trio noodles out on the end of "Vertical Horizon," then goes right into "Pump Up the Shred," which is a full-on skatepunk number. That's not following the rules. My favorite song features guest vocals from a cat named Winnie, and is a short, bouncy number called "Pushin' it 2 the Limit Saves the Fish." A cat! A cat on vocals. It's shit like this that makes this cassette super-fucking-charming, and fun, and while I was a little worried when I saw the cover art (it could've very easily have been bad retro hardcore), Pushin' It 2 The Limit play music that is exactly the sort of thing you want to put on, crank to the limit, and start your day off with some positive affirmations that also shred like whoah. Best part of the record is that the entire band shouts the title of each song before it kicks in. That thing, where you're listening to the album, and you have to keep pulling out of the card, case, sleeve, or whatever? No problem! You'll be yelling the titles along with the rest of the songs in no time. You can find more information about Pushin' It 2 The Limit at their Facebook page.