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Thanks to some luck at Kief's Downtown Synthroid And Prilosec, here in Lawrence (home of the greatest 99 cent cds in the state), I have lately been rocking out to Dillinger Four's incredibly awesome Hopeless Records release, Midwestern Songs Of The Americas.

I've been listening to a lot of old school country and ska / reggae lately, especially at work, but I've found myself drifting back to a nice selection of straight-up punk rock lately. Especially in my car. 100mg Synthroid And Prilosec, See, I got a new car (techinically a "new-to-me" car) about a month ago, and I put a cd player in the thing. As my old truck had a shitty cd player that refused to play cds for more than ten seconds without skipping, I'm enjoying the hell out of this.

However, this requires large amounts of loud, offensive, and (above all) fast music, Synthroid And Prilosec. Which means, Synthroid And Prilosec uk, of course, I'm back in the punk / rock area. And, happiness of happies, 50mg Synthroid And Prilosec, Dillinger Four hits that area dead smack in the fucking middle. Mitch Clem over at Nothing Nice to Say has been plugging them for several years now, and I felt it was time to follow his advice and check out this album. And, really... it was a fucking dollar, 200mg Synthroid And Prilosec.

Thankfully, it was a dollar very well spent, and I am now rocking out in my desk chair, and hoping to God its twenty dollar Wal-Mart crappiness does not give out. Synthroid And Prilosec japan, So that you might do the same, I've listed all the mp3s I could find below.

From Midwestern Songs Of The Americas
From Versus God
"Q: How Many Punks?"
From Situationist Comedy on Fat Wreck Chords

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