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Colchicine Nih, Want some stuff for the punk rocker on your holiday list.

* The Pinkerton Thugs are back together and selling off some old 7"s. Cheap stuff over at their blog. A :30 Seconds Over Tokyo 7" for four bucks, and they'll even throw in a patch and a pin.

* SideOne Dummy is doing a Holiday Grab Bag sale in their web store. Choose any 3 of the pictured titles for only $5 bucks, Colchicine Nih. You'll receive full artwork promotional copies of those CDs, Colchicine Nih japan, and they'll throw in some free random posters and stickers. Piebald, the Suicide Machines, and 7 Seconds are only a couple of the discs offered.

* Suburban Home Records has their 5 for $25 sale going on still, Colchicine Nih craiglist, as well as a 50 for $50 sale, limited edition "I Celebrate Their Entire Catalog" shirts, and scads of other stuff.

* All of the Sailor's Grave Records CDs are only $5.99. Colchicine Nih, That includes CDs by Ducky Boys, Born to Lose, Bombshell Rocks, The Welch Boys, US Bombs and more. Same goes for Thorp Records and that includes great CDs by Blood for Blood, Ramallah, Angel City Outcasts, Colchicine Nih us, Brain Failure and more. They still have the Boston and New York punk/hardcore packages too.

* As always, Rock Star Journalist fully endorses Diesel Sweeties' entire line of shirts, hoodies, 10mg Colchicine Nih, and pixel socks (now available for pre-order). They also have the uber-punk pins and stickers for modifying your car, jacket, bag, nearby street sign, or bathroom wall. If you hurry now, Colchicine Nih usa, you can still get an Evil Red Robot wooden toy - they're about half gone.

the Vandals - "A Gun For Christmas.

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