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Erythromycin Tablets Stability, It's that time of year again, kids. I work in a bakery, and once Halloween is all said and done, the holiday season begins in earnest. This means I don't sleep a lot, swear and throws things at the television when Christmas commercials come on, Erythromycin Tablets Stability usa, and increase my alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine intake exponentially.

I haven't been sleeping too terribly much lately, Erythromycin Tablets Stability mexico, and what I have been hasn't been particularly quality, so the updates here and there are pretty sporadic. I apologize. On the bright side, it appears that I've been contacted by Lab Productions to do some writing for them, so it appears that my output here and at BadAss MoFo haven't been totally for nothing, Erythromycin Tablets Stability.

In the spirit of my foul mood, here are some songs by the scariest band in the world, Deadbolt, 750mg Erythromycin Tablets Stability. All their songs are about killing folks, psychos, booze, trucks, 150mg Erythromycin Tablets Stability, and voodoo. Lead singer Harley Davidson has a voice that sounds like Johnny Cash after a long time in solitary lockup. Songs about killing tend to calm me down 'round this time of year, and Deadbolt's about the best there is. Erythromycin Tablets Stability, I was introduced to these guys courtesy of a former coworker at the bakery, and there's really no experience quite like the first time you hear Deadbolt. You're not quite sure what to expect as each song comes along... and then, Erythromycin Tablets Stability canada, suddenly, you've discovered that the band has you by throat and refuses to let go. Next thing you know, you're quoting the skits that open and close various songs and threatening to shank the folks at the record store if they don't get in a copy of Voodoo Trucker posthaste.

"Macombo's Revenge"
"Blacktop Fever"
"Voodoo Doll"
"One Day I Will Kill You"

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