Preview the new Mouthbreathers single

mouthbreathersOh, fuck. Seriously, you have to stick with the a-side to the new Mouthbreathers single, but it’s totally worth it. It seemed like the Lawrence garage foursome had chilled way the hell out, but man … nope. They can still tear into a track and shake it from side to side.

I want to describe it as “more mature” than their earlier stuff, but not in the “boring” version of mature that most bands seem to achieve. It’s mature in the a way like, “they’re listening to bands that have been around for a while and proven the test of time and require a little perspective to appreciate.” This usually means a band sounds like the Wipers, but in Mouthbreathers’ case, it’s more like they’ve figured out how to rock out without going full-tilt the entire time. You can actually use some songwriting to put something before the two minutes of freaking out.

The 7-inch is due out the end of July from In the Red, but you can listen to both tracks, “Die Alone” and “Validation,” via their Bandcamp right now.