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book-cover-please-take-meIf you pre-order Akashic Books Buy Flagyl Cod, ' forthcoming collection, Please Take Me Off the Guest List, you get some pretty fantastic extras. What makes the book worth looking at. First, 250mg Buy Flagyl Cod, you might recognize Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or Zachary Lipez from the Freshkills. Stacy Wakefield takes Zinners's photographs and Lipez's stories, and turns them into a series of books within a greater book, 50mg Buy Flagyl Cod.

Then, the pre-order gets you an exclusive 7" which features:

"Musical interpretations by Nick Zinner, 150mg Buy Flagyl Cod, Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield in collaboration with three different bands. The 7" is bound in a handmade and individually numbered poster sleeve, which also contains an original story by Zachary Lipez (not included in Please Take Me Off the Guest List), entitled "My Romantic Competition Among the Stalwarts of the Goth and Cold Wave and New Music Community."

In addition, you get "an original SIGNED photograph by Nick Zinner, Buy Flagyl Cod. Each photograph is a random outtake from his personal collection of 4x6 drugstore prints." The pre-order will run you $50, plus $10 shipping, 200mg Buy Flagyl Cod, but the pre-order is the only way to get the 7" and signed photo. The book ships in October, 40mg Buy Flagyl Cod, but you can get the pre-order here.

No clue as to the bands they collaborate with. I imagine the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are involved.

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