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Porter Wagoner – “Wagonmaster”
Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, Once again, Anti brings us someone I thought was dead to make an incredible frickin’ album - in this case, Porter Wagoner. And also again, they’ve gotten an amazing producer to wrangle the whole thing together – in this case, Marty Stuart. It has shades of Johnny Cash hanging over the thing, what with the aging original country star being feted on an indie label and all (see also: Merle Haggard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico japan, et all).

However the Cash thing is especially notable here, considering the inclusion of “Committed to Parkview,” a track Cash wrote and gave to Wagoner over 20 years ago. According to the story in Billboard, 30mg Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, Cash gave a tape of the song to Stuart while they were on tour in Europe to give to Porter, and then proceeded to lose it for 25 years. It's a great song, full of some serious shit regarding mental illness - a topic not often dealt with in country music - but it loses a bit of its "lost song appeal" when you realize it was on the first Highwaymen album, as well as Cash's own One Piece At A Time, Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico.

Still, despite the fact that acts like Wagoner haven’t been putting out records or getting radio play, it’s not like he or any of the other artists on Anti have “disappeared” – they’ve just been playing the church and casino circuit, playing to people you or I might not care about… but they’ve got dedicated fans. While playing a casino ballroom somewhere in the middle of Iowa might sound appalling to the average indie rocker in a van – it means people still know your songs, 500mg Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico.

This is what the Last of the Breed album should have been - it's got good production, but it sounds like it's been worn around the edges a little, rather than buffed to a shiny finish. When Porter sings "Satan's River," you get the feeling he's been on both sides. Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico, "Brother Harold Dee" is the sort of redemption song one doesn't hear much anymore... Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico paypal, and you know, that's a bad thing. But, really, it's the hidden track of Marty and Porter singing Hank Williams tunes together that makes the record for me. Wagonmaster could have been nothing but the two of them trading yarns and old tunes, and I'd've been tickled pink to hear it, Pharmacy Tetracycline Algoddones Mexico usa.

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