Podcast – Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co. live

adam-lee-liveThis week’s podcast is totally different than what I planned. Originally, this week’s episode was supposed to be the big number ten, marking our move into the world of double-digits. However, I bought a new digital voice recorder to do interviews and stuff, and decided to see how well it would do on live performances at the Jackpot last night.

One of my new favorites, Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co. were opening for Wayne “The Train” Hancock, and Adam Lee was kind enough to supply me with a guest list spot for the show. Since I hauled down all my various photo / video equipment, I figured that it was worth a shot to throw up the new digital recorder for Adam Lee and company, too. Well, their set of honky-tonk came out so well, I felt I ought to share it with you all, hence, this week’s live performance podcast. We’ll be back with your regularly scheduled punk rock next week.

Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co. have one album out now, Ghostly Fires, and their second, Holy Roller is due out at the end of August / early September. You can expect a review and preview of the new album as soon as it’s in my hot little hands.

Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co., live at the Jackpot

Set list
Thank the Booze
Drive Myself to Drink
When the Spirits Move Me
Teardrop Blues
Holy Roller
Whiskey for Breakfast
Drinkin, Cheatin, Lovin, & Leavin
Southern RR Co.
Ghostly Fires