Podcast #97, “Where’ve You Been?”

So, I took last week off because ... well, tomorrow marks the start of the spring semester, and my job is about to become far more busy than it's been in about a month and a half. Thus, I decided a week where all I had to do was concentrate on work and feeding the family would be more expeditious in terms of my mental health. That being said, I realized I had an evening free last night. With the wife gone, and one of the kids back to school, and it only being me and the youngest home, you'd think I would've done something relaxing or just lain on the couch, vegging out six way from Sunday. Nope -- recorded the first podcast in nearly three months. I'm a total nutter. Enjoy the fact that I'm unable to do anything with my free time other than produce content. Podcast #97, "Where've You Been?" Avail, "Southbound 95" (Dixie) The Supersuckers, "Jailbreak" (live) (split with the Burden Brothers) Gas Huffer, "Hijacked" (Teriyaki Asthma Volume V) --- Mean Jeans, "Since You Left" (split with Big Eyes) Big Eyes, "Half the Time" (split with Audacity) City Mouse, "Bad Weather" (Jerk Store Fanzine) --- The Wildhearts, "So Into You" ("So Into You" single) Heat Dust, "Priority Mail For An Asshole" (Heat Dust) Groovie Ghoulies, "She Hangs Out" ("Running With Bigfoot" single) --- Thee Oops, "1994" (Happy Charlie EP) High Tension Wires, "People I Know" (Send A Message) Cola Freaks, "Sniper" (Cola Freaks) --- Converge, "Sadness Comes Home" (All We Love We Leave Behind) Best Practices, "Welcome to Erf" (The EP LP) Code Orange Kids, "Liars//Trudge" (Love Is Love//Return to Dust)