Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection

img_2201 Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection, So many new things. It's astounding. In between the last podcast and this one, something like seven records have shown up in the mail, unannounced. There've also been a couple others that folks contacted me via e-mail (which I heartily suggest all acts and labels do), making this a pretty healthy podcast in terms of newness. There's a big ol' dollop of pop-punk, as well, Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection canada, thanks to some dollar-bin wins.

The best time in the world to buy records is move-out time in a college town, Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection. People graduate, and then realize they have no desire to move several hundred records or CDs cross-country, so they unload them at thrift stores, Half Price Books, and record shops all over town. After they're all priced and put out, I make out like a goddamn bandit -- which benefits you, the listener.

Podcast #92, Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection usa, "Back to Basics"

Dirt Bike Annie, "Are You Ready to Dance?" (Hit the Rock!)
Riverdales, "Don't Let Them Beat My Baby" (Storm the Streets)
The Panic Beats, "Death List" (...Strike Again!)
Guttermouth, "Bruce Lee vs the Kiss Army" (Full Length LP)
The Scutches, "Summer Night" (Ten Songs, Ten Years)
The Pharmacy, "Plastic Bugs" (Abominable)
The Hives, 150mg Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection, "Main Offender" ("Main Offender" single)
Hex Dispensers, "Goodbye Spooky" (Sister Series)
River City Tanlines, "Black Knight" (All 7 Inches Plus 2 More)
The Briefs, "Benny's Got A Cigarette" ("C'Mon Squash Me Like A Bug" single)
Stalag 13, "Clean Up Your Act" (In Control)
Tyrades, "Message From An Operator" (Tyrades)
Scared of Chaka, "A Lie and a Cheat" (Tired of You)
In Defence, "No War But Star Wars" (Don’t Know How to Break Dance)
Queens of the Stone Age, "Back to Dungaree High" (Alpha Motherfuckers)
Paint It Black, "Cannibal" (CVA)
Saint Jude, 10mg Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection, "The Great Finality" (Tor Johnson Ten Year Anniversary Omnibus)
La Armada, "Esclavitud Organica" (La Armada)
Buried In Leather, "Bombs Away" (split with The Tenafly Vipers)
Iron Maiden, "Wrathchild" (Killers)
Kill Creek, "Cosmetic Surgery" (Feast of the Sybarites)
Hipshot Killer, "So Long Sweetness" (Hipshot Killer)
The Falcon, "Unicorn Odyssey" (Unicornography)
INXS, "Don't Change" (Shabooh Shoobah)
The Mr. 30mg Diflucan Systemic Fungal Infection, T Experience, "She's Coming (Over Tonight)" (Revenge Is Sweet and So Are You).

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