Podcast #90, “Is This On?”

isthisonRecorded the podcast while things were exploding and making noise outside, after a lengthy day of sleeping in my basement. Holidays are a hard time, when your house has people in it during the day. Strange things, that — I’m used to there not being anyone home during the day, so when the wife and kids are here all day, it’s confusing as hell to the cats and myself. Thus, the dpocast was recorded while they went to go play at a friend’s lake house. I got to stay home, since I have work in the morning.

Music? Right, music. Dance punk, punk punk, pop punk, garage punk, and so on. Is it worth a month’s wait? Probably not.

Podcast #90, “Is This On?”

The Mynabirds, “Generals” (Generals)
The Hex Dispensers, “Parallel” (Parallel)
Mean Jeans, “Bad Dream” (The Thing That Ate Larry Livermore)

Superchunk, “Slack Motherfucker” (Superchunk)
Teenage Bottlerocket, “Walked In Line” (Joy Division)
Career Suicide, “Means To An End” (Cherry Beach)

Shang-A-Lang, “Waiting For the End” (Waiting For the End)
Hank Haint, “Don’t Talk To Me” (Blackout)
The Dutchess & the Duke, “Scorpio” (Shimby presents Live at the Empty Bottle)

Blood Buddies, “Midas Medical Group” (Blood Buddies)
Colaars, “The Youth” (Wood Arsenal)
Panda Kid, “Garage On the Beach” (Scary Monster Juice)

Major Thinkers, “Avenue B” (Strange Passion)
Chrome, “Electric Chair” (Red Exposure)
Tubeway Army, “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” (Replicas)