Podcast #89, “Tip(sy) of the Hat”

beer-hatIt’s finally started to dawn on me that, given the lack of turntable, injuries to myself, and general busy-ness of my schedule, it might be best to go to every two weeks for the podcast. If nothing else, it would allow for a little more quality control, and not force me into playing stuff for the sake of having a show for you.

I’m not saying this week’s show is in any way bad — in fact, far from it — but certainly, shows in the past have suffered in terms of quality in order to bring you something, rather than nothing. It’s that sense of obligation versus our desire to present a quality program that has us thinking the first and the fifteenth might be the best way to do it. If there were more than three of you listening, this might be a bigger deal…

Podcast #89, “Tip(sy) of the Hat”

The Sinister Six, “Kill You Tonight” (Outta Sight!)
Weirdos, “Solitary Confinement” (Weird World Volume One)
The Valentine Killers, “Devil’s Night” (The Valentine Killers)

Dils, “Class War” (Dils Dils Dils)
The Stuck Ups, “Teenage Zombie Knockout” (Human Doll Express)
Fury, “Flying” (Hozac Archival Series Vol. 1)

MxPx, “Middlename” (Live at the Show)
The Bouncing Souls, “Argyle” (Maniacal Laughter)
The Exploding Hearts, “(Making) Teenage Faces” (Shattered)

Husker Du, “Divide & Conquer” (Flip Your Wig)
Bloody Gears, “Tragic Mistake” (“Frozen Rain” single)
Mouthbreathers, “Die Alone” (“Die Alone” single)

Campaign, “Breaking Bones” (The Black Album)
Best Practices, “Devona” (The EP LP)
The Meatmen, “Green Acres” (Show & Tell – A Stormy Remembrance of TV Themes)