Podcast #84, “Post Con Comedown”

lisa-marie-c2e2Three interviews from C2E2 on this week’s podcast that I couldn’t find a way to run on their own. It was a thrill to speak with three Chicago-area English teachers about teaching graphic novels. They had some insights into a completely different segment of the comic-reading populace, and it was probably the most satisfying conversation I had all weekend.

We also spoke with Lisa Marie Varon, also known as Victoria from the WWE and Tara in TNA, about the differences between those two promotions and the restaurant she’s looking to open in Chiacgo, as well as the founder of the new company, Black Action Tees.

All that and a ton of new rock ‘n’ roll on this week’s podcast.

Podcast #84, “Post Con Comedown”

Shitbirds, “Oh Joy” (Oh Joy!)
Poppets, “Poolside Fun At Michaels” (“1+1=2” single)
Gaze, “Whenever She Holds You” (Patty Duke Fanzine)

Interview with Chiacgo teachers

Up the Academy, “Gimme Gimme” (“Gimme Gimme” single)
Gentleman Jesse, “You Give Me Shivers” (Leaving Atlanta)
The Black Keys, “The Breaks” (live) (“Your Touch” single)

Interview with the founder of Black Action Tees

Teen Idols, “20 Below” (It Found A Voice)
Boris the Sprinkler, “Drugs and Masturbation” (“Drugs and Masturbation” single)
Oingo Boingo, “Only A Lad” (Oingo Boingo EP)

Interview with Lisa Marie Varon

Insaints, “Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah” (split wth Diesel Queens)
Scooby Don’t, “Somebody Please Kill Lenny Kravitz” (split with Boris the Sprinkler)
Groovie Ghoulies, “Funny Funny” (split with the Donnas)