Podcast #82, “Hangover Cure”

hangover-curejpgGoodness. This week’s podcast might be the tightest one yet. I actually kept an eye on the timer as I was recording, and managed to avoid lapsing into my usual blather. Things are focused, direct, and you’re actually going to find that I sound like I know about which I speak. Hangover bitching notwithstanding, of course.

Lots of interesting tunes on the show. It’s a nice mix of loud, angry, tuneful, and catchy. Some of the tracks are white-hot new, and there are a few golden oldies, as well. Honestly, if you wanted to show a friend as to what the show is about, you probably ought to take this gem and give it to them. I’d certainly appreciate it.

Podcast #82, “Hangover Cure”

Premonition 13, “Crossthreaded” (Volcom Single Series)
Cerebral Ballzy, “Causing Havoc” (Volcom Single Series)
Municipal Waste, “Religion Proof” (Decible Magazine flexi)

Nonagon, “The Swifts” (People Live Everywhere)
Minutemen, “Cut” (Buzz Or Howl Under the Influence of Heat)
The Pixies, “Vamos” (Surfer Rosa)

Boston Strangler, “Locked Inside” (Primitive)
The Shitty Limits, “Speculate/Accumulate” (Speculate/Accumulate)
Trash Talk, “Blind Evolution” (Trash Talk)

The Trashies, “Mondo Retardo” (split with Hunchback)
Women, “Jeffrey’s Party” (Women)
The Diskords, “Kiss of Death” (Pink Palace)

The Black & Whites, “You’re the Only Girl” (“You’re the Only Girl” single)
Tacocat, “F.U. # 8” (Take Me To Your Dealer)
The Mindbenders, “You Don’t Know About Love” (“You Don’t Know About Love” single)