Podcast #81, “Selling Out”

selling-out-neonThis whole “doing the podcast in advance” thing is really working out well. I’ve taken to listening to most of my new acquisitions straight-through upon bringing them home or having them show up in the mail, and then immediately dropping the needle on whichever track catches my ear the most. It’s resulting in a record party in the basement kind of vibe, but without the panic and frustration of trying to knock it out the day before everything’s supposed to go up.

That being said, I sourced a lot of this from CDs, mainly because acquiring a lot of this stuff on vinyl would put me in the goddamn poorhouse. Next week’s show is pretty much 100% vinyl, and a little more obscure. I’m considering this a partly-shameless ploy to attract more listeners via bands that might be known outside the usual message board dwellers. I still think they’re some great tracks, though.

Podcast #81, “Selling Out”

Kepi Ghoulie, “Bye Bye Brain” (Life Sentence)
The Gateway District, “Some Days You Get the Thunder” (Some Days You Get the Thunder)
MxPx, “Fist Vs. Tact” (Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo)

Fucked Up, “Police” (Epics In Minutes)
Good Clean Fun, “Who Shares Wins” (Shopping For A Crew)
Night Birds, “Born Of Man And Woman” (The Other Side of Darkness)

Teenage Harlets, “Do The Jerk” (Up the Fixx)
The Gears, “Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo” (Rockin’ At Ground Zero)
The Germs, “Communist Eyes” ((MIA): The Complete Anthology)

The Living End, “Prisoner Of Society” (The Living End)
The Leftovers, “Dance With Me” (On the Move)
Reel Big Fish, “Nothin'” (Turn the Radio Off)

The Night Marchers, “I Wanna Deadbeat You” (See You In Magic)
Throw Rag, “She Don’t Want To (She Don’t Care)” (13 Ft. & Rising)
7 Seconds, “Sink With California” (Let Them Know)