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hurried-rabbit Prozac Savior, A shortened episode of the podcast this week. The surplus of new music ought to make up for the missing three songs. I simply didn't have the time to scour the web for new songs like I thought I would have, and a story idea has me chasing down leads like I'm in All the President's Men or something - albeit for a much less world-changing story.

Anyhow, enjoy the new tunes, 500mg Prozac Savior. If you like them, remember that there's usually far more available from their respective label and artist Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages. If I can figure out a way to link stuff up without it making the posts look ugly, I will. 100mg Prozac Savior, Podcast #78, "Hurried, Harried"

the Flip-Tops, "Retard Love" (Are Still A Band)
Bizarros, "Quiana Girls" (Complete Collection 1976-1980)
the Wipeouters, "Shut Up, Prozac Savior australia, Little Man!" (P'Twaaang!!!)
Dan Webb and the Spiders, "City by the Sea Part II" (Much Obliged)
Goin' Places, "Tongue Tied" (Relationship Sneakers)
Like Bats, "Little Cuts" (Midwest Nothing)
Code Orange Kids, Prozac Savior overseas, "Cycles (The Days Get Longer)" (Cycles)
Disquised As Birds, "Black Circles" (Black Circles)
the Murder City Devils, "Every Day I Rise" ("Every Day I Rise" single)
Mind Spiders, "Wait For Us" (Meltdown)
Rational Anthem, "Sleeping" (Sensitivity Training)
Bomb the Music Industry!, "493 Ruth" (Get Warmer), 50mg Prozac Savior.

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