Podcast #75, “Spray Paint the Walls”

spray-paintThis week’s podcast is a reflection of my mood at the moment. The weather has gone from unseasonably warm to seasonally appropriate (i.e., cold), and I’ve gone from a head cold that had me feeling slightly drunk all day to a clear head with razor-sharp dry cough.

I’m not in the best of moods, and the dark, angry vibe permeating this week’s musical choices ought to reflect that. Enjoy (or sympathize, as the case may be). We’ll be back next week with a stack of new stuff.

Podcast #75, “Spray Paint the Walls”

Love Me Destroyer, “Add Vice” (Black Heart Affair)
Selby Tigers, “Droid” (Charm City)
Sk8 or Die, “Sk8 or Die Is Go!” (Not In My Skatepark)

Converge, “Eagles Become Vultures” (You Fail Me)
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, “Identify” (Now I Got Worry)
Blood Brothers, “USA Nails” (Burn, Piano Island, Burn)

Black Flag, “American Waste” (The First Four Years)
The Misfits, “We Bite” (“Die Die My Darling” single)
Municipal Waste, “Intro/Deathripper” (Hazardous Mutation

The Trashies, “Free Fourm War” (Space Jam)
The Headies, “Let’s Sit Around” (Sugar and Spice (And Everything’s Fucked)
The Love Shots, “Kill” (Crooner)

The Briefs, “Destroy the USA” (Sex Objects)
The Explosion, “Save Us” (Bury Me Standing)
Unwritten Law, “Falling Down” (Oz Factor)