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comped Twins On Clomid, This is it - the last episode before the big year-ender and our annual winter break. Strange to think I've been doing this (unlistened-to) podcast for long enough to have anything be considered "annual." Anyhow, the title of this episode is "Comped," and could just as easily have been "Amped," considering the sheer ridiculous amounts of coffee I ingested while working on this week's episode.

No, Twins On Clomid uk, but "Comped" it is, and comps are where 60% of the tracks in this week's episode come from. More, if you count the Ska Is Dead series as such, which'd bump it up to over 70%. Damn, that's a lot, 1000mg Twins On Clomid. No, but CD comps used to be more than just label samplers you'd throw away, Twins On Clomid. Many folks have pontificated on the discovery of new music through these things, and I agree. Lots of good music to be found on some of these moldering slabs of plastic.

Podcast #72, "Comped"

Classics of Love, 200mg Twins On Clomid, "Dissolve" (forthcoming full-length)
Bomb the Music Industry, "Hits Set" (Ska Is Dead)
H2O, "Satyagraha" (Don't Forget Your Roots)
Bad Banana, "Pretty Like A Girl" (Crushfield)
Dry Bonnet, "I Smell Bacon" (Cheap Beer)
The In Out, "Asshole Handshake" (The Venal Column)
The Ducky Boys, "I've Got My Friends" (I've Got My Friends)
Angelic Upstarts, Twins On Clomid overseas, "The Murder of Liddle Towers" (Oi. Chartbusters Volumes 1 & 2)
Kelly's Heroes, "One More Beer" (Streetpunk '99)
The Salteens, "Lock the Door" (No Slow...All Go!)
Moral Crux, "Teenage Atrocity" (Spinnin' the Chamber)
The Fastbacks, 750mg Twins On Clomid, "I'm Cold" (13 Soda Punx)
Ignite, "Self Made Man" (Smash Ignorance Up!)
Anti-Heros, "Rich People Don't Go to Jail" (Punch Drunk)
Monomen, "Kick Out the Jams" (Runnin' On Fumes).

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