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[caption id="attachment_3354" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Banksy"]Banksy Increased Discharge Diflucan, [/caption]Such a fun show this week. It seemed like the whole thing breezed by. There's a lot of new music from Slovenly and Windian, as well as some Internet-sourced tracks. Legal gets, of course - Soundcloud and Bandcamp streaming tracks - but they certainly make the show a little more well-rounded.

The focus of the show will remain vinyl, Increased Discharge Diflucan uk, as always, but the fact remains that many great songs won't make it onto wax, and there's no reason to exclude them because they're in a different format. Honestly, the whole thing ends up mixed down to 128 Kbps mp3 files, Increased Discharge Diflucan mexico, anyway. Sonic fidelity is pretty null.

Podcast #66, "The Writing On the Wall"

The Penetrators, "Baby, Dontcha Tell Me" ("Gotta Have Her" single)
Mouthbreathers, "The Creeper" ("Anxiety" single)
Mondo Ray, Increased Discharge Diflucan ebay, "Nothing" ("Hypnotized" single)
The Blues Magoos, "Gotta Get Away" ("(We Ain't Got) Nothing Yet" single)
Acid Baby Jesus, "It's On Me" (Hospitals)
Total Babes, "Rot Away" (Swimming Through Sunlight)
Die Wasted, "Party to the Hells" (Party to the Hells)
Punch, Increased Discharge Diflucan overseas, "How Nothing Lasts" (Nothing Lasts)
Fires, "Things We Lost In the Sea" (split with Self Defense Family)
The Phenomenauts, "I Am (Not) Robot" (Adventures in the Third Dimension)
The Tigermilks, "She's Losin' It" (We Don't Stand A Chance)
Apple Brains, "Ba-na-nas" (Get Fruity!!)
The Gateway District, "Run Away" (Perfect's Gonna Fail)
The Monsters, "In and Out" (Pop Up Yours!)
The Holy Shakes, Increased Discharge Diflucan us, "Crips and Bloods" (Demo).

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