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[caption id="attachment_3179" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Bob Camp"]Bob Camp Clomid Buy, [/caption]After totally skipping out last week to see the Royals play the Twins, I felt 100% obligated to bring you the rock 'n' roll you were promised. And so I did. There's classic rock, punk rock, garage rock, rockin' pop-punk, and man .., Clomid Buy australia. it pretty much fuckin' rocks.

I'm trying to make myself realize that just because something isn't on vinyl, doesn't mean I have to set it aside for some special podcast later on. There's a lot of good material out there that's being released straight to digital or CD, and it'd be a shame not to throw it in when I can. Clomid Buy ebay, The focus is still on LPs, singles, 7-inchs, and EPs on wax, don't you worry - we're just trying to include as many folks as possible down here in the basement.

Podcast #62, "Rock 'n' Roll Damnation"

AC/DC, Clomid Buy us, "Let There Be Rock" (If You Want Blood)
Black Sabbath, "Paranoid" (Paranoid)
the Architects, "Daddy Wore Black" (Vice)
Cheap Girls, "Lab Technicians" (My Roaring '20s)
Davila 666, "Quizas" (Davila 666)
the Adverts, Clomid Buy mexico, "The Great British Mistake" (The Wonders Don't Care)
the Ergs!, "Obligatory Song About Killing One's Boyfriend" (The Ben Kweller EP)
the Measure [sa], "singleseriesnumberzero" (Songs About People... and Fruit N' Shit)
the Gateway District, "Better Than Me" (The Gateway District)
Bantam Rooster, "Miss Luxury" ("Miss Luxury" single)
the New Bomb Turks, "Girl Can Help It" (Information Highway Revisited)
Plates, Clomid Buy coupon, "Lineage" (Art of the Underground Single Series #54)
Tornado Rider, “I’m A Falcon” (Jark Matter)
Grey Area, "No Guarantee" (split with Go Rydell)
Riverdales, "Fun Tonight" (Riverdales).

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