6 Prozac Overdose

bored-stiff-lolcat 6 Prozac Overdose, This week's episode finds your host rather ambivalent regarding his musical choices, and distracted by over-consumption of caffeinated beverages on an empty stomach. Were he not so afraid of belching repeatedly into the recorder as he went along, he'd've had lunch before the show, but hunger is such a great motivator to get things done, is it not.

That run-on sentence brought to you by a desperate need to make a sandwich and eat some cookies, 30mg 6 Prozac Overdose. Next week's podcast promises to be exciting and filled with rock 'n' roll. AC/DC has been promised, and AC/DC you shall receive (Bon Scott era, for realsies). 50mg 6 Prozac Overdose, Podcast #61, "Bored Stiff"

Link 80, "Nowhere Fast" (17 Reasons)
Burial, "Immortal Will" (Never Give Up...Never Give In)
Double Negative, "Face Jam" (Hardcore Confusion Vol. II)
Dropkick Murphys, 6 Prozac Overdose overseas, "Going Strong" (The Gang's All Here)
Brassknuckle Boys, "I Can Find Out Where You Live" (Fighting Poor)
the Unseen, "What Are We Waiting For?" (Lower Class Crucifixion)
Quincy Punx, "Part of the Problem" (Get the Humans!)
Guttermouth, 6 Prozac Overdose canada, "Hopeless" (11 Oz.)
Butt Trumpet, "Primtive Enema" ("Primtive Enema" single)
Whatever Brains, "Whatever Helps You Sleep Pts I + II" (Whatever Brains)
Killer Dreamer, "Pterodactyl2" ("Survival Guns" single)
Waxeater, "A Quiet Place Alone Away From Everyone I Hate" (On Deck)
ZOOM, "Ernst & Son" ("Ernst & Son" single)
Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, 40mg 6 Prozac Overdose, "3" (split with Boo and Boo Too).

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