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color-in-the-lines Flagyl Cat, This week's podcast marks a return to what you've come to expect from Sunglasses After Dark, hence "Inside the Lines." No coloring in the margins for us this week. Well - maybe the R's or Leopards tracks, which are pretty paisley and psychedelic pop.

It's nice to be back. I've had a nice rest, Flagyl Cat usa, thanks to the various different things I've been doing with the podcastthe past few weeks, and despite being busy as crap, my kids are back in school, which leaves the house a little more empty during the week. It makes it easier to record the show when I don't have to constantly worry about somebody popping their head in the basement door and yelling something about going to a friend's house.

So, yeah - good to be back, Flagyl Cat. Glad to have many new amazing records, 100mg Flagyl Cat, of which Dark Ages' Can America Survive? is one. Go read my review in the Pitch and then buy a copy.

Podcast #59, "Inside the Lines"

Ramones, 250mg Flagyl Cat, "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" (End of the Century)
Bad Religion, "Flat Earth Society" (Against the Grain)
Squirtgun, "Make It Wreck" (Fade to Bright)
Husker Du, "I'll Never Forget You" (Zen Arcade)
D-Vision, "Better Left Unsaid" (That Was Then)
I.B.C., "Siege" (The Josh Walker E.P.)
Dark Ages, Flagyl Cat coupon, "Merchants of Cool" (Can America Survive?)
Detournement, "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" (split with Off With Their Heads)
No Friends, "Never Ending Fight" (No Friends)
Smart Cops, "Vesciche In Guerra" (Per Protegegere e Servire)
The Leopards, Flagyl Cat ebay, "Summer's Gone" (Kansas City Slickers)
The R's, "Panama Hat" ("Mr. Hide" single)
Mau Maus, "Sex Girls In Uniform" (Hell Comes to Your House Part II)
Motorhead, "Jailbait" (Ace of Spades)
The Weasels, "Beat Her With A Rake" ("Beat Her With A Rake" single).

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