Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin

50-dollar-bill Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin, We made it. Surprisingly, without any major incident or problems. Well ... at least on this anniversary episode. This is the first show I forgot the whole "tell your friends" spiel, however. So, that could've gone better, Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin.

This whole fiftieth episode spectacular is all songs that've been played before. I thought about doing something where I played my favorite songs, but this is pretty damned close to that anyhow, and it gives an overview of the best stuff that's made it onto the podcast, 150mg Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin, as well. The show is a full two hours and change long, so you've got a hefty dose of punk rock power pop to get you through the weekend. Oh, and if you're wanting to know what album or single all these songs are on, search the archives.

Shit. I just now realized a better title for this would've been "FIFTY DOLLAR BILL, YOU GUYS!!!" Dammit.

Podcast #50, "Half a Hunnie"

One Man Army, "Until Now"
The Shitty Limits, Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin uk, "Espionage"
Devo, "Uncontrollable Urge"
the Polecats, "Make A Circuit With Me"
Big Dipper, "Man O' War"
Classics of Love, "World of the Known"
The Bouncing Souls, "Here We Go"
Pearl Jam, "Spin the Black Circle"
Cheap Trick, "He's A Whore"
Zero Boys, "Trying Harder"
Scherzo, "Background"
The (International) Noise Conspiracy, 50mg Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin, "Only Lovers Left Alive"
No High Fives to Bullshit, "My Friends?"
Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, "Dies Irae"
Naked Raygun, "I Lie"
Bald Eagle, "Jammin' the Wedge"
Jay Reatard, "An Ugly Death"
The Vibrators, "Baby Baby"
Ted Leo-Pharmacists, "Under the Hedge"
Rocket From the Crypt, "Ditch Digger"
Ultimate Fakebook, "All the New Poisons"
Free Energy, "Dream City"
Piebald, "The Monkey Verse the Robot"
Big Eyes, Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin mexico, "Why Can't I"
the Replacements, "Color Me Impressed"
New Bomb Turks, "American Soul Spiders"
Be Your Own Pet, "Becky"
Night Birds, "Killer Waves"
The Humpers, "Mutate With Me"
The Dictators, "Slow Death"
The Murder City Devils, "Left Hand Right Hand"
The Micronotz, "I Got A Right"
X, "We're Desperate"
Mixtapes, 250mg Perioral Dermatitis Erythromycin, "The New Ride the Lightning"
The Dickies, "Waterslide".

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