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garage Wine And Flagyl, This week's podcast is completely normal in every way. Surprisingly, there's no rant against anything, no fear of impending doom, nor anything other than the usual factoids and observations regarding the music being played. Perhaps I'm saving everything up for next week's anniversary podcast.

In the meantime, Wine And Flagyl canada, here are fifteen songs, most of which can be qualified as "garage," but there's some great classic punk and newer hardcore in there, as well. So strange to have everything go completely normally, Wine And Flagyl japan, for once.

Podcast #49, "Garagecore"

Jacuzzi Boys, "Freakzoids" ("Bricks or Coconuts" single)
the Impulse Int'l, "Arm the Girls" ("Arm the Girls" single)
the Shirks, "Prostitution Summer" ("Cry Cry Cry" single)
Clorox Girls, "Trashy Daydream" ("Novacaine" single)
Knaughty Knights, Wine And Flagyl paypal, "Wenches of Turpentine St" ("Death Has Come Over Me" single)
the Hussy, "Have A Say" (Cement Tomb Mind Control)
the Sports, "Who Listens to the Radio?" ("Who Listens to the Radio?" single)
Sweet, "Action" ("Action" single)
the Donnas, "All Messed Up" (Spend the Night)
Doggy Style, Wine And Flagyl mexico, "Donut Shop Rock" (Side By Side)
Bad Religion, "Resist Stance" (The Dissent of Man)
the Misfits, "Return of the Fly" (Static Age)
Grade, "The Tie That Binds" (Seperate The Magnets)
the Third Degree, "7° Plys" (Wild In The Streets - Skate-Core Compilation Vol. 2)
Poison the Well, "Ghostchant" (You Come Before You), 1000mg Wine And Flagyl.

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