Podcast #48 – Storm’s A-Brewin’

electric-storm_6Throughout this week’s podcast, you can hear me repeatedly fretting about the impending weather. That was around noon-ish on Tuesday. No storms hit any time that afternoon, and as a matter of fact, I was able to take a ten-mile bike ride around 5pm, and make it home with no issues whatsoever. It really didn’t start raining until sometime in the middle of Frontline, and only went crazy for an hour or two. No hail or tornadoes or anything.

So, this week’s episode is chock-full of pointless histrionics. Apologies for that. Next week’s episode – in addition to the fact that it’s shaping up to be a genre-bending party time – will contain nothing but drunken idiocy. Promises.

Podcast #48, “Storm’s A-Brewin'”

the Automatics, “Robots” (In Disguise…)
Mixtapes, “The New Ride the Lightning” (Hope is for People)
Shock Treatment, “She Could Be the One” (split with Beatnik Termites)

the McRackins, “A Days In the Life” (split with MxPx)
Teen Idols, “Lovely Day” (Teen Idols)
Green Day, “Armatage Shanks” (Insomniac)

Teenage Bottlerocket, “Mutilate Me” (“Mutilate Me” single)
the Queers, “We’d Have a Riot Doing Heroin” (A Day Late and a Dollar Short)
Boris the Sprinkler, “Chemistry Set” (split with Sonic Dolls)

Nirvana, “Dive” (“Sliver” single)
the Gloryholes, “This Is All There Is” (“Screamer” single)
Off!, “Compared to What” (“Compared to What” single)

Blood of Patriots, “Mental Disorder” (Can’t Be Killed)
Punch, “If You Can’t Now, You Never Could” (Punch)
Fit For Abuse, “Hellbent” (split with R’n’R)