Podcast #44, “Day of the Record Stores”

recordstoreday2009Many of the songs in this week’s podcast come from either Record Store Day releases or releases found on Record Store Day while hitting up various and diverse stores in the Kansas City and Lawrence areas. Much love to Vinyl Renaissance’s new store on 39th Street in KCMO, as well as the store down the street, Zebedee’s RPM, for providing scads of entertainment and helping me to find some much-wanted releases. Love Garden Sounds in Lawrence ought to go without saying, as it is my hometown record shop, but I always plugs it when I can.

Hopefully, this week’s podcast ends up entertaining you as much as it did me. These new tracks certainly manage to provide a diverse cross section of rock ‘n’ roll.

Oh, and last-minute update: this marks the one-year anniversary of the podcast. The first episode was posted on April 15, 2010. This means we’ve had 44 episodes, which is pretty damned good for something ran on beer, caffeine, and sheer willpower out of a basement in Kansas. Yay us.

Podcast #44, “Day of the Record Stores”

Gloryholes, “Give It A Rest” (split with Fliptops)
Iggy & the Stooges, “Search and Destroy” (“Search and Destroy” single)
Chrome Chranks, “Lost Time Blues” (“Lost Time Blues” single)

Superchunk, “Horror Business” (split with Coliseum)
Husker Du, “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely” (split with Green Day)
Generation X, “Your Generation” (Generation X)

All Systems Stop, “We Don’t Belong” (split with Big Bad Bollocks)
Sex Advice, “This Practice Space Smells Like Cocaine” (split with Shang-A-Lang)
Off!, “Rat Trap” (Live at Generation Records)

Burn, “Godhead” (Burn)
Fucked Up, “The Black Hats” (“Year of the Pig” single)
Youth of Today, “Disengage” (Youth of Today)

the Breakups, “My Cousin’s Got the Big Ones” (The Songs May Last A Minute and a Half…)
Piebald, “The Monkey Verse The Robot” (We Are the Only Friends That We Have)
the Go-Gos, “Head Over Heels” (Talk Show)