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planetcomiconlogofull-cropThanks to some kind folks at Kansas City's Planet Comicon Hcg Shot With Clomid, , this week's episode is a little more than the usual babbling and punk rock. We were lucky enough to be able to talk briefly with artist Ben Templesmith (of 30 Days of Night, Choker, and Wormwood), Hcg Shot With Clomid india, as well as writer Jason Aaron (of Scalped and Wolverine). Many thanks to both gentleman for taking time out of their busy convention weekend to talk into my recorder. Hcg Shot With Clomid coupon, So, in honor of the con and all things geeky, we've got both interviews, as well as some thematically appropriate music, Hcg Shot With Clomid paypal.

Podcast #41, "Geekery"

Neal Hefti, Hcg Shot With Clomid us, "Batman TV Series Theme" (Batman Theme and Others)
Hoyt Curtin, "Super Friends" (Music of DC Comics 75th Collection)
The Ventures, "Theme from Star Trek" (Tele Ventures)
Interview with Ben Templesmith
John Williams, "Main Title" (Star Wars IV: A New Hope soundtrack)
Weird Al, 750mg Hcg Shot With Clomid, "The Saga Begins" (Running With Scissors)
Supernova, "Chewbacca" (Clerks soundtrack)
Interview with Jason Aaron.

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